Improve the health of your skin with a personalized facial designed to treat your specific skin concerns based on the Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy. Consistent facial treatments along with the appropriate skin care regimen and products, can improve your skin’s overall health and appearance.

We offer a variety of facials and corrective skin treatments customized for your skin care needs. All facials include exfoliation, extractions if necessary, hydration, moisture and a relaxing facial massage. Depending on the length of your facial, it may also include a foot massage, hand and arm massage, and scalp massage.

Basic Facials
  • 60 minute Facial$65+
  • 45 minute Facial$55+

Facial Treatments

Get the same results as a 30% glycolic chemical peel without the harsh chemicals. Leaves skin feeling rejuvenated after being cleansed, exfoliated, toned and moisturized. Great for any kind of skin.

Facial Add Ons

  • Extraction$10



We offer swedish, reflexology, sports, trigger poing, positional release, muscle energy techniques, seated massage, infant massage, prenatal and shiatsu.

  • 120 minute massage$120
  • 90 minute massage$95
  • 60 minute massage$65
  • 30 minute massage$45
  • 20 Minute Infant Massage$30
  • 10 Minute Head Neck & Shoulder$12
  • 15 minute chair massage$15


Body Bronzing



Body Treatments


Dry, dull skin will love this treatment of moisturization as your back is rubbed with warm hydrating lotion mixed with an essential oil of your liking. Warm paraffin will be put on your back and as it penetrates your skin you will receive a hand and arm massage. (30 minutes)

Let your back feel rejuvenated while it is cleansed, exfoliated and a mask is put on based on your skin care needs. You will receive a head, neck and shoulder massage and a hand and arm massage. Great for oily skin. (1 hour)

Full body is exfoliated with a warm sea salt mixture pertaining to your needs. Steam sets the exfoliation in while you receive a scalp massage. Rinse off with a shower and then a warm moisturizer and essential oil mixture will be rubbed into your skin. Great to get rid of dry skin.

Seal in the moisture with a hydrating mask painted on your body, receive a head massage while the mask soaks in while steam perpetrates the mask into your skin. Rinse off with a shower and then more hydration as your whole body is massaged with a warm lotion and oil mixture pertaining to your needs.

Rejuvenate your skin with this detoxifying and tightening mask. Relax while you lay with a full body, moisturizing mask on that eliminates the toxins in your body and breaks down the fatty deposits. Come out feeling like a whole new you!